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Thousands of company leaders across North America still remember the first time they heard David J. Friedman speak. For most, David was the best speaker they’ve ever heard. For some, it was a turning point. The moment when culture went from an abstract concept to the single most impactful initiative in their company’s history.

David’s talks can range from 30 minutes to half-day and full-day programs, and can be tailored to meet your goals, your audience, and your budget.

One of the clearest, most articulate, relevant presentations I’ve ever seen.

One of the best, most impactful speakers I’ve ever heard.

Fantastic speaker.  David really knows his topic.  He turns one of the fuzziest parts of business into something solid, useful, and extremely important to the bottom line and health of our companies.

Freaking outstanding!

David’s content was epic. Intuitive, actionable and valuable.

David provided very powerful and very actionable things to be done within our organizations.  His ability to break down seemingly complex topics into simple concepts shows his true mastery of the subject.

I loved the way he simplified the process.  Most speakers make things seem so hard and he made it seem so simple.

Phenomenal presentation! If you’ve created your company core values, this is a great next step. I can’t wait to do many of the things David suggested. 

I’ve always been a big culture proponent…David brought it to another level with a simple and completely different approach.

Highly recommended, well-delivered and VERY applicable. David is a delight to hear – very fun and clear.

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july, 2024

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