Assessment Results: Your Lowest Category is Integrate

How Systematic Is Your Approach to Company Culture?

Based on your assessment, it appears you need the most help integrating the newest members of your company into your culture. Chapter 8 of Culture by Design will be of particular importance to you at this stage in your culture’s development.

If you’ve been at your company for many years, and especially if you’re the CEO, you may not remember what it’s like to be new, and consequently, you may fail to appreciate just how impactful those early days are. I often say that the first week a new employee spends in your company is actually the most important week in their entire career. It’s that impactful. 

There’s an analogy I like to use when thinking about the importance of orchestrating those early experiences. Imagine you’re starting at our company and on your first day I hand you a pair of prescription glasses to wear. The glasses serve as a filter through which you see everything. I could hand you three different pairs of glasses with three different prescriptions, and the same scene would look very different based on which glasses you were wearing. The glasses influence your perception. 

You have the ability to write the prescription for the glasses a new person puts on. They’re going to see, hear, and experience a variety of things, and you can influence the interpretation they apply to those events. Done properly, you have an opportunity to shape their perceptions. 

As you think about the investment in time and resources you’re willing to devote to integration, it’s important to view it from a long-term perspective. Think of someone you hired ten years ago and imagine that for the first week you didn’t let her do any real work. You probably wouldn’t even remember that fact, and yet, the impact of integrating her effectively would be felt throughout her entire career. That’s what I mean when I say you have to think of your investment in integration from a long-term perspective.

There are lots of examples of what this integration process can look like in Chapter 8 of Culture by Design. You can take a free peek inside the book here. You can also purchase your copy today on Amazon

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